Lou Reed Animated


Lou Reed was with out doubt one of the more literate rock stars who ever lived. From tracks like ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ to albums like ‘Magic n Loss’ he was constantly producing music and lyrics of depth and compassion. PBS produced this fun animation to accompany one of his interviews in which he lays into the great and the good in his own curmudgeonly fashion

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Bread to Bread: The Best Machine Mix

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Originally posted on gluten free b:
When I was initially diagnosed with coeliac disease, the lovely chap who is now my Gluten Eating Husband rushed out to buy me a shiny bread machine with a gluten free setting. What a…

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Can’t wait to try this

The Paddington Foodie


This must be the tastiest and easiest fish dish ever. Thinly sliced prosciutto. Smeared with a sun dried tomato and basil paste. Wrapped around firm, fleshy Blue Eye Cod fillets. Roasted in a hot oven for twenty minutes. Another fabulous recipe from Jamie Oliver that has withstood the test of time in our house. Quick and easy. Robust Mediterranean flavours. What’s not to love about this dish?

There aren’t too many ingredients in this dish. The key to success is to use the freshest ingredients you can find. I’ve substituted Blue Eye Cod for the Monkfish in Jamie’s original recipe. Simply because Monkfish is not native to our waters. A good short cut in preparing this meal?  Visit a good delicatessen. Select a mild and sweet prosciutto and ask that it be sliced directly onto sheets of plastic film.  I usually also ask that slices be cut from the centre of…

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Some really good treats to save up for

Gluten Free Blogger

In my first guest post of the year, Liz Crawshaw from Down With Gluten writes about posh gluten free afternoon tea….

Afternoon tea may not seem the most logical meal for a coeliac. Sandwiches, pastries, cakes – it’s a challenge for any chef’s gluten free skills. So it’s fantastic to see some of the leading establishments in London have picked up the gauntlet and provide a gluten free option for their rightly world famous teas.

I’ve been to three places that are celebrated for their sandwich/pastry combos – The Dorchester, Claridges, and Fortnum and Masons. Here are my views on them, and also some other options to try.

The Dorchester

I went to The Dorchester with my Mum to celebrate her birthday. I wasn’t so keen on the area in which they serve the afternoon tea, which is essentially a glorified large entrance hall, and a bit of an odd…

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gluten free b

It’s beer o’clock and I’ve got to get this written before the units kick in! I was never a big beer drinker in BC (before coeliac) days, however now I’m a proper grown up I often crave a tipple that doesn’t make my teeth hurt with the sweetness. It did mean that I needed the help of my Gluten Eating Husband to settle the question of ‘which is the best gluten free lager on the market?’ though. Luckily the beer market has improved at the same pace as the bread market and we now have the choice of some great drinks that actually taste of lager!

So after an uncharacteristic Jilly Goolden round of honking, sipping, cleansing palettes with GF crackers, and exclaiming “but can’t you taste the pears?!” (him: “no”) which did we prefer?

Editor’s pick: Estrella Daura
£8.00 for 4 bottles from Ocado 5.4% alcohol. Served with 

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Hello world!

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